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Total Medals Earned: 2,533 (From 321 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 31,930 Points

Five Nights Watching Paint Dry

Medals Earned: 14/25 (70/125 points)

Actually Play This Game 5 Points

Thanks for playing this game, but why? You just watch paint dry for five nights!

Blue Room 5 Points

A blue room. You can instead watch blue paint dry. Neat!

Chump 5 Points

Quit the game.


An RPG version of this game. Everyone will have had enough of these games after that. I hope...

Lights Off 5 Points

Turn of the lights. But turn them back on! I'm afraid of the dark!

Night Five 5 Points

Survive the fifth night.

Night Four 5 Points

Survive the fourth night.

Night One 5 Points

Survive the first night.

Night Three 5 Points

Survive the third night.

Night Two 5 Points

Survive the second night.

Orange Room 5 Points

Donald Trump or an orange room? An orange room.

Sequel? 5 Points

A sequel? There's more?!

View the Credits 5 Points

View the credits.

Yellow Room 5 Points

Just a yellow room. Nothing big.

A Bear-y Special Achievement (Pun Intended) 5 Points

A bear-y special achievement (pun intended). Sorry, my puns are bad.

A Crummy Sequel 5 Points

Is it really a crummy sequel, or is it just the same thing made four times?

Actual Gameplay 5 Points

This game MIGHT contain actual gameplay.

Champ 5 Points

Complete the WHOLE game. Make sure you complete everything!

Hidden Toaster 5 Points

Find the hidden toaster just like in all of my other games.

Night Six? 5 Points

Survive the sixth night...?

Not As A-MAZE-ING 5 Points

Possibly A-MAZE-ING?

Panic 30 5 Points

Panic 30? Have you played it?

Secret Room 5 Points

Find the secret room.

Stupid Clicker Game 5 Points

That clicker game I made was stupid. That was the point.

TGS Secret 5 Points

My champ gave me a few ideas for this "game". So I thought maybe I'd thank him.

Flanders Killer 7

Medals Earned: 7/38 (70/500 points)

Jebediah Springfield 5 Points

Shoot Jebediah Springfield's head off

Springfield 5 Points

Reach Springfield

A little birdy 10 Points

Kill the bird at least once

Level 18 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 18

Level 20 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 20

Game Completed 25 Points

Complete the Game!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Laser Therapy 5 Points

Kill Frink with the Laser

Otto's Earphones 5 Points

Shoot Otto's Earphones

Tony's Cup 5 Points

Shoot Fat Tony's cup

Lead Killer 10 Points

Get 1st Place in the leaderboards

Level 01 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 1

Level 02 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 2

Level 03 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 3

Level 04 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 4

Level 05 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 5

Level 07 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 7

Level 08 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 8

Level 09 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 9

Level 10 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 10

Level 12 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 12

Level 13 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 13

Level 14 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 14

Level 15 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 15

Level 16 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 16

Level 19 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 19

Level 21 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 21

Level 22 10 Points

Get 3 stars on Level 22

Todd's Combo 10 Points

Get a 3 hit combo on todd's body

Bible Blasters - Billy Graham 25 Points

Convert all the Heathens on the Bonus Level

Brutal Killer 25 Points

Complete the game 3 times in one session!

Hockey Dad 25 Points

Score a load of points in Hockey Dad

Kill Bob 25 Points

Kill Sideshow Bob

Larry the Looter 25 Points

Steal all the loot without dying

Mass Murderer 25 Points

Kill everyone in springfield

Maud's Ghost 25 Points

Shoot Maud's ghost 5 times in a row

Quad Killer 25 Points

Kill each member of the Flanders super fast!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Flappy Economics

Medals Earned: 3/11 (65/465 points)

Ice breaker 5 Points

score a point

Apprentice 10 Points

Pass through 10 pipes in one game

Ask for help 50 Points

Ask for help with one of the concepts

Externalities 25 Points

Unlock externalities information

Journeyman 25 Points

Pass through 20 pipes in one game

Surplus 25 Points

Unlock producer and consumer surplus information

Taxes 25 Points

Unlock the taxes information

Deadweight 50 Points

Unlock the deadweight loss information

Master 50 Points

Pass through 30 pipes in one game

Economics pro 100 Points

Finish the game by maxing out upgrades

Godly 100 Points

Pass through 40 pipes in one game

Flappy Fish

Medals Earned: 2/12 (10/235 points)

1 Down 99 to go! 5 Points

Get through the first pipe.

5 is the charm!... or was it 3? 5 Points

Get through 5 pipes.

35 Down! 5 Points

Get through 35 pipes.

Good start! 5 Points

Get through 10 pipes.

Half way through! 5 Points

Get through 50 pipes.

You can do better than that! 5 Points

Get through 25 pipes.

You'll win someday... 5 Points

Die 10 times.

69 LOL! 25 Points

Get through 69 pipes.

Dude, seriously... get a life. 25 Points

Die 100 times.

Just a bit more! 25 Points

Get through 75 pipes.

Just a little bit more to go! 25 Points

Get through 90 pipes.

You Did It!!! 100 Points

Win the game!

Flappy Hunt

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/265 points)

You suck! 5 Points

Lose on the first round

10k 10 Points

Reach a score of 10,000

25k 25 Points

Reach a score of 25,000

Mr. Perfect 25 Points

Achieve a perfect round

2 Birds 1 Shot 50 Points

Hit 2 birds with 1 shot

Slick Shooter 50 Points

Complete the first 3 rounds without missing a shot

100k Club 100 Points

Reach a score of 100,000

Flappy Jon

Medals Earned: 3/7 (25/205 points)

Flap Flap Flap 5 Points

(Score 500) Hooray, you know how to play!

Fap Fap Fap! 10 Points

Thanks for playing this game ten times. Now Jon has something to do tonight.

Flapity Jon 10 Points

(Score 1000) You're starting to get the hang of it!

Stahp! 5 Points

Clicking that doesn't do anything!

This Is Amusing 25 Points

(Score 5000) Either that, or we've go a problem on our hands...

It's Over Nine Thousand!!! 50 Points

(Score 9100) Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Your Jon Is The Jon That Will Pierce The Heavens! 100 Points

(Score 12500) Congrats. You have no life, like me.

Flappy Poop

Medals Earned: 2/5 (10/55 points)

Poop 1 5 Points

Scored 5 points.

Poop 2 5 Points

Scored 25 points.

Poop 3 10 Points

Scored 50 points.

Poop 4 10 Points

Scored 75 points.

Poop 5 25 Points

Scored 100 points.


Medals Earned: 4/6 (65/140 points)

First 5 Points

Play your first game

Ten 10 Points

Get 10 Points

Six-Hundred 25 Points

Play for at least 600 seconds

Thousand 25 Points

Flap at least 1000 times

Twenty-Five 25 Points

Get 25 Points

Fifty 50 Points

Get 50 Points

Fleeing the Complex

Medals Earned: 5/18 (160/660 points)

Kredit 2 Team 5 Points

Watching kredit make me STRONG

Patron of Tunes 5 Points

Listen to a song linked in the credits

Rank: CA 50 Points

Achieve the Rank CA

Rank: GI 50 Points

Achieve the Rank GI

Rank: TB 50 Points

Achieve the Rank TB

Waldo 5 Points

Where is he?

Nailed It 10 Points

Stuck the landing

xXn00bslayerXx 10 Points

*Obnoxious Airhorn Sound*

bruUGHNO 25 Points

You knew he'd be in this game somewheres

Rise and Shine 25 Points

Wake up and smell the snow

Rank: IRO 50 Points

Achieve the Rank IRO

Rank: PD 50 Points

Achieve the Rank PD

101 Failmations 100 Points

Get a total of 101 fails

Golden Boy 100 Points

Find all 60 unique fails

Master of the Wall 100 Points

Unlock every medal, then click the icon (ingame)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Flixel-Tutorial #1

Medals Earned: 9/9 (125/125 points)

A background! 5 Points

Add graphics and the background!

First steps... 5 Points

Setup flixel!

Louis Armstrong is singing! 10 Points

Setup the tilemap!

Oblivion 10 Points

Add the player!

Retro vibes 10 Points

Add some sweet tunes and sounds!

Rigour 10 Points

Add collisions!

Animator 25 Points

Add animations to the player!

Tutorial finished! 25 Points

Finish the tutorial!

We created life! 25 Points

Make player move!